Power Points

There aren't enough power outlets in a lot of places. A large number of household appliances rely on electricity. Additionally, the number of devices that can be connected to a single power point is often limited in older homes because only one socket is available per power point.

CHS can quickly and affordably instal and test electrical outlets for you. CHS Electrician works with you to ensure that you have enough power points in the right places in your business, whether you need to upgrade single power points to doubles or instal completely new power points. All new power points are thoroughly tested to guarantee your safety.

Included in CHS's Power Point Installation Services are:

Fixing power points that have been damaged

• Installation of dual power outlets instead of single ones

Additional plug-ins are being installed.

• Modernization of current electrical outlets

• All power outlets are tested for safety.

• USB sockets in the power outlets

You can expect a fast, accurate, and stress-free service from CHS, which employs only highly qualified electricians. In order to minimise the impact on your business, we work together to understand your needs and provide you with the best possible solution.