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Misting Systems

Hotels, restaurants, and cafés that want to host events in their outdoor areas, no matter how hot it gets, can benefit greatly from static mist systems. Installing them along fascias, under veranda overhangs, under shade umbrellas, or on structures.

Misting is perfect for Transport yards, and large areas where conditioning spaces using conventional methods is either impossible or too expensive.

Sections of stainless steel tubing 750mm long are used to supply mist lines. Connecting tubes is a breeze thanks to Quick Fit fittings. At 1,000 PSI, water is pressurised into an extremely fine droplet that "Flash Evaporates" and absorbs the heat in the air without wetting the floor or surface. This process is known as "Flash Evaporation."

Ready-to-install kits are available in virtually any length. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you save money on space cooling.