What is nebulisation? What is it used for?

Attractiveness, freshness, taste, anti-waste and better storage.

Reduced staff intervention thanks to 24-hour operation; products can remain on the shelf night and day.

ARECO nebulisation preserves the freshness, taste and organoleptic qualities of your fruits and vegetables thanks to stable and controlled hygrometry (90% RH).

Nebulisation enhances your produce departments while also reducing food waste. Thanks to our nebulisation systems, fresh products like fruits and vegetables, seafood, traditional butchery and cheeses departments in supermarkets and retailers retain their quality, they are better and longer preserved, which reduces the waste.


Humidification on fruits and vegetables brings many benefits:

  • The department's attractiveness is enhanced thanks to the freshness of the department: the nebulization catches the eye and promotes impulse buying by your customers.

  • Positive image of the fruit and vegetable department and the store

  • Faster rotation

  • Decreased breakage rate

  • Reduced weight loss from fruits and vegetables

  • Extended product life cycle (+1 to 4 days)

  • Decrease in temperature above the radius

  • The organoleptic qualities of the products are preserved: preservation of vitamins and polyphenols (trace elements with antioxidant properties)

  • Better presentation of products on the shelves

  • Reduction of staff interventions: thanks to 24-hour operation, products remain on the shelves night and day

  • Improving the profitability of your fruit and vegetable department. Return on investment - 12 to 18 months.

Wine Cellar Nebulisation Temperate Contr


The hygrometric conditions of a cellar are essential to maintain the integrity of the taste, the texture and the quality of the wine or alcohol and to reduce the losses by evaporation.

We work closely with our customers to find a solution to these issues. The LIDIT nebulization, applied to the wine business, maintains optimal hygrometric conditions to meet all these criteria.

LIDIT nebulization technology applies to every area of wine production:

  • Barrel cellars: control of winemaking, controlled shrinkage.

  • Bottle cellars: conservation, quality of labels and corks

  • Corks manufacturing: storage in dry regions (e.g. Chile)

  • Cooperage: storage

  • Labels and cardboards storage

  • Cuttings and grafts nursery

The implementation of LIDIT nebulization reduces evaporation losses by controlling the hygrometry rate. Therefore, it allows the control of the gustative diversity and the alcohol level.

LIDIT humidification systems improve the maturing process and preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wine. The LIDIT nebulization brings you:

  • Control of the hygrometry rate

  • Better preservation of the quality of the wine

  • No deposit or formation of mold

  • Weight loss divided by 2