Power reductions of over 30%

As ambient temperatures reach extremes during summer, these exceed most Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration's optimal operating ranges.

In these conditions Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration systems begin to struggle. Cooling power, decreases, run times increase, power consumption increases and stress on unit components begin to fail resulting in costly repairs.

 Installing a system which drops ambient temperatures is a proven cost and energy efficient way of maintaining a system's peak cooling power.

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Condenser Pre Cooling assists in lowering head pressures inside the compressor help reduce the workload on the air conditioning system, resulting in less wear and tear on the entire system.

High head pressures in a system shorten the compressor's life.

Other Benefits are:

  • Reduce power consumption (kWh) and costs by the device cooling capability.

  • Power demand reduction (kW)

  • Reduce compressor repair costs by extending compressor life.

  • Reduce machine downtime and save up to 30% on running costs

  • Minimal upkeep is needed.

  • Retrofitting is easy.

  • It's great for condensers that aren't quite big enough.

  • Can help with undersized units, and condensers.


Stop Using Garden Hoses

Evaporative pre-cooling or adiabatic pre-cooling is easily installed to new or existing air-cooled condensers. It is custom fabricated and installed in front of the coil faces of the condensers in order to atomise water at high pressure in the incoming airflow.

As the water is atomized down to between 5 and 10 microns the fog flash evaporates cooling the air entering the coil unit. The ideal way to operate pre-cooling systems is to evaporate the water in the air in front of the coils and before it goes through the coil unit.

This is far more effective then a system commonly used by building owners and air conditioning contractors where a struggling unit is sprayed with water from an irrigation system or garden hose in order to cool the coils. 

At CHS we have found many systems where using straight water sprayed directly onto Condenser Coils dramatically reduce the lifespan of a unit.


Cost and Power Solutions for Air-Conditioning Adelaide

Owners of commercial air conditioning systems can see a return on their investment within two years, but in many instances this can be accomplished in as little as one summer.

Evaporative pre-cooling becomes more cost efficient as the ambient temperature rises, i.e., the higher the temperature, the more mist can be evaporated into the air and the greater the temperature difference between ambient and air entering the coils.