The CT0100G4B Flat Glass 98L LED Countertop Beverage Chiller is great when you want a compact display and storage solution for your various beverages. Equipped with 4-side LED lighting, the stored products can easily be seen from the outside. This maximises product visibility from all angles. This allows customers to pick what drink they want to buy, encouraging impulse beverage purchases at the point-of-sale. Adjustable steel shelving allows easy access. Its corrosion-resistant coating keep rust at bay and maintains the quality of that beer or soda. Other features include fast and even fan-forced cooling. Purpose-designed ventilation guards ensure the unit’s highly-efficient fan-forced motor can cool the cabinet evenly. Temperature range: +2°C to +8°C

When you're dealing with perishables either as ingredients or the end product, you've got to have the right refrigeration equipment. The CT0100G4B Flat Glass 98L LED Countertop Beverage Chiller offer a stylish and durable display option, making it a worthy addition to your shop.

Countertop Beverage Fridge Flat Glass 98L LED CT0100G4B

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    • 4-side LED lighting spotlights products from all angles
    • Adjustable steel shelving with corrosion-resistant coating and ventilation guards
    • Fast and even fan-forced cooling
    • Temperature range: +2°C to +8°C
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