Flake ice offers rapid and sterile cooling for a range of applications, such as ice displays in retail settings, use in blended beverages, and therapeutic use in medical situations. The IM0120FM Modular Flake Ice Machine produces useful, premium quality flake ice up to 120kgs. per day. It is compact and easy to install.


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Ice Machine Modular 120kg Flake IM0120FM

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  • Made with high-grade stainless steel, our machine is dependable, efficient, and durable. Coupled with antimicrobial Agion-treated materials, the IM0120FM unit is hygienic and requires less cleaning, thus reducing maintenance costs. It also features simple digital controls and a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C.

    Our modular ice machines include only the head unit, which can be placed on top of a beverage dispenser or an ice bin. Bromic has a range of ice storage bins suitable for the IM0120FM Modular Flake Ice Machine, including the SB129, SB178 and SB243 models.

    • Shapeless flake ice that cools rapidly without harming delicate produce
    • Electric PCB controller enables smart yet simple operation
    • Suitable storage bins: SB129, SB178 and SB243
    • 3 Year parts warranty
    • 1 Year labour warranty

    *Production /power usage based on 10°C ambient temp. and 10°C Water temp. as tested by the Manufacturer.

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