Bromic’s Self-Contained 115kg Solid Cube Ice Machine provides premium quality cubes that are perfect for beverage-focused applications. Individually creating large, crystal clear cubes that maximise liquid displacement while cooling quickly, this self-contained unit excels underneath or above counters and are available in a range of sizes.


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Ice Machine Self-Contained 115kg Solid Cube IM0113SSC

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  • Efficiency is the mark of every ice machine worth its salt. And when it comes to efficiency, Bromic’s IM0113SSC Self-Contained Ice Machine doesn’t disappoint. It bears that undeniably excellent Italian craftsmanship: a combination of practical design and technology.

    The IM0113SSC Ice Machine provides premium solid ice cubes that are great for beverage-focused applications. It can make large, crystal clear ice cubes that maximise liquid displacement while cooling quickly.

    With a 115kg maximum daily ice production and 50kg internal ice storage capacity, the IM01135SSC Ice Machine is the essential workhorse every food service business must have.

    Its sleek, compact design allows for space maximisation. Also, its retractable door minimises protrusion in tight spaces whilst allowing easy access. This self-contained unit may be placed underneath or above counters.

    Moreover, the IM0113SSC ice maker is built with durable stainless steel parts and hygienic materials treated with antimicrobial technology. Best of all, the machine is very simple to operate with an electric PCB controller.

    If you are looking for a large-capacity under-counter ice machine, look no further!

    • Large solid ice cubes that cool quickly and maximise liquid displacement 
    • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
    • Electric PCB controller enables smart yet simple operation
    • Low power and water consumption 
    • 3 Year parts warranty
    • 1 Year labour warranty
  • SKU 3935123
    Model Number IM0113SSC
    Weight 0.0000
    Gross Weight (kg) 97
    Colour S/Steel
    Warranty (mths) 12
    Ice Machine Unit Self Contained
    Ice Type Solid
    Max. Ambient Temp. (°C / RH) 40
    Internal Ice Storage Capacity (kg) 50
    Ice Production (kg/24hrs) 115
    Internal Ice Storage Capacity (kg) 21 - 75kg
    Refrigeration Power (W) 1750
    Refrigerant R404a
    Water Consumption (L/h) 20.8
    Legs (mm) 89
    Watermark Approval No. Licence: 040188 Registered Code: SMN 125
    Storage Bin Compatibility N/A
    Height (mm) 892
    Depth (mm) 575
    Width (mm) 1042
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