Ice machines come in different shapes and sizes. The IM0034HSC-HE 32kg Self-Contained Hollow Ice Machine makes a great choice for a reliable, average-capacity ice maker.


It has smaller dimensions and doesn’t need much ventilation clearance, so there’s no problem fitting it in a small-spaced cafe or bar.


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Ice Machine Self-Contained 32kg Hollow IM0034HSC-HE

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  • The IM0034HSC-HE 32kg Self-Contained Hollow Ice Machine consistently produces crystal-clear, hollow ice that is perfect for cooling liquids and drinks rapidly.

    The IM0034HSC-HE 32kg has a full body in stainless steel, which prevents heat conduction and thus reduces energy consumption. It also features a sleek finish that complements modern spaces. 

    Our patented Agion-treated materials feature antimicrobial technology that keeps the ice sterile and the machine itself hygienic. This enables easier cleaning and premium ice quality.

    Finally, the IM0034HSC-HE 32kg Hollow Ice Machine includes a digital PCB controller that lets you change the settings for your machine with ease.

    • Hollow, crystal-clear ice presents the best general-purpose option
    • Fast-melting cubes maximise surface area for rapid cooling
    • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
    • Low power and water consumption  
    • 3 Year parts warranty
    • 1 Year labour warranty

    *Production /power usage based on 10°C ambient temp. and 10°C Water temp. as tested by the Manufacturer.

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