Static mist systems are perfect for alfresco areas
in hotels, restaurants, cafés or for the outdoor
entertainer that loves to be outdoors, no matter
how hot it is. They can be installed along fascias,
under veranda over hangs, under shade umbrellas
or structures.

Mist lines are supplied in 750mm long sections
of stainless steel tube. The tubes are easily and
quickly joined with fittings from the Quick Fit


A CPM pump module pressurises water to
1,000 PSI which creates an incredibly fine droplet
that ‘Flash Evaporates’, absorbing the heat in the
air without any wetting of floors or surfaces.

Static Stainless Steel Kit 10 Meter (13 Nozzles)

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  • Kit Contains

    1 PUMP MODULE CPM25 Commercial 
    1 TUBE 3/8" Nylon Tube 25m Roll 
    30 SADDLE 3/8" Nylon Insert 
    1 1/4" FI x 3/8"Tube Union
    1 1/4" MI x 3/8" Tube Union 
    13 Quick Fit S/S TUBE X 750MM
    1 Quick Fit Blank End Single Nozzle Union
    1 Quick Fit 1/4" MI Adapter
    1 Quick Fit Joiner
    13 .2mm High Pressure Stainless Steel Face
    1 Quick Fit Tube x Tube x Tube Tee 
    2 Quick Fit Elbow (Tube x Tube) 

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