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Refrigeration Maintenance

If you have a HVAC system, chances are you are aware that preventative maintenance is essential to keeping it running reliably and efficiently. What you might not realise is that regular maintenance and service for your commercial refrigeration equipment is just as important.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to commercial refrigeration and freezing, you cannot afford to have them fail because it could result in significant financial loss. Even when you believe your refrigeration units are operating properly, they may be consuming excessive amounts of energy, which is bad for not only your wallet but also for the environment. Preventative care will save you money in the long run while also assisting you in your efforts to be environmentally responsible.

It pays to schedule regular cleaning and tune-ups for your commercial refrigeration equipment. 



Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Repairs

A commercial refrigeration service will diagnose problems like out-of-calibrated temperature controls, drain pipe blockages, defective door seals, dirty and jammed evaporator coils, and blocked condensers, all of which can decrease the performance of your equipment and lift your energy costs. We may detect a fault before a fix is required when these problems are discovered during routine maintenance.


The cost of maintenance compared to when commercial refrigeration equipment breaks down is more than comparative, Emergency breakdowns also cost business through product and downtime.

Regular preventive refrigeration maintenance can greatly reduce the probability of a costly and unexpected breakdown.

If you ever need emergency commercial refrigeration repair, contact the professionals at CHS.