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Underbench Display Fridges

Due to their versatility in design, undercounter refrigerators are an excellent addition to any commercial establishment's food prep area. Below is a summary of the various types of worktops and models available to the foodservice industry.

If you're short on counter space and don't require a lot of space to store chilled food, consider an under-counter model, as long as you're okay with bending down to reach your food and drink. These are designed to fit neatly beneath your kitchen worktop.


Undercounter refrigerators come in a range of sizes and widths. When ordering a new or used under-counter refrigerator or freezer, double-check and then specify the height of your counter.


If you own or operate a restaurant, deli, sandwich shop, or other foodservice establishment, Undercounter Fridges are a necessary component of your equipment inventory. Select from a range of capacities to find the model that best meets your low- or high-volume requirements. All of our Undercounter Refrigerators feature doors, drawers, or a combination of the two to facilitate access to the chilled contents. Choose between models with left or right-side hinges to find the one that fits your workspace the best.